Leumit Health Care offers a wide range of digital services and tools, ensuring your health care needs are taken care of, even without going to the clinic. 
                Personal physician, also from home 
                Personal physicians and pediatricians, available via correspondence, video or telephone, during office hours. 
                New: Online pediatrician
                Consultations with a pediatrician via telephone or with Tyto, at night, during weekends and holidays, without leaving the house. 
                Leumit’s specialists by telephone 
                Leumit specialists are now also available for telephone consults. 
                   שירותי רפואה דחופה, בשעות בהן המרכזים הרפואיים סגורים, טיפול ייעוץ הדרה והכוונה בכל שעה ומכל מקום
                Digital payment voucher 
                Form 17 payment voucher obtainable online.
                Digital reimbursement 
                Financial reimbursement via the application within 5 business days
                Mental Health services via telephone 
                Social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists are available also via telephone, during office hours. 
        Lab tests at home 
        Blood work done at your home
        Medication and more delivered to your house
        Prescription medication delivered to you within 48 hours, for a 9 NIS delivery fee, countrywide
                Information and operations 
                Access medical records and lab results, make appointments and more, via the Leumit web site or application. 
                One-time password 
                Easy and quick access to the Leumit site and application, with a one-time password.  
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